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orange flan cake, summer dessert, dessert spoon

Orange flan cake

0 of 5 60 Minutes

The orange flan cake should be prepared a day before serving. It 'a tasty sweet and light, it is perfect for hot summer days.

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light pastiera cake, pastiera cake, dessert spoon

Light pastiera cake

0 of 5 75 Minutes

The light pastiera cake is a lightweight alternative to the original recipe, just as tasty but not too caloric, with filling of wheat. In this there is a good sweet ...

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dessert spoon, chestnut semifreddo, chestnut dessert, dessert spoon

Chestnut semifreddo

0 of 5 15 Minutes

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pudding, lemon pudding, dessert spoon, pudding recipe

Lemon pudding

0 of 5 130 Minutes

The lemon pudding is an easy and tasty dessert. The difference between the pudding cake and the pudding is in the consistency. Make lemon pudding with our recipe!

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